Looking for a weekend furniture project? Are you missing something in your den? Your living room may need some updating and that old, obsolete coffee table should go!

The style of a coffee table is a bit of an art. Since coffee tables generally have privileged positions in living spaces, they must function and take care of at the same time. Simple displays, such as that of artist Sarah Greenman, are attractive without disturbing the view. Keep things in order with a clear acrylic tray and focus on books and flowers. Keep these other simple guidelines in mind when decorating your table.

Building your coffee table is rewarding and fun! There are so many do-it-yourself coffee table designs that will guide you step by step. You might think that building a coffee table is something that only professional carpenters can do, but that’s not true! Anyone can do it with a little effort, patience and don’t forget to smile!

If you need something to combine with your farm design or something simple and minimalist, there is a DIY project here for you. Let’s take a look at 60 DIY coffee tables with shape and functionality.