If you are looking for a timeless and chic style for your bathroom, starting with a neutral color palette such as white and gray is a simple solution. This not only leaves a lot of room for mistakes (gray always matches other grays and whites), but it’s also discreet, which means that other elements of your decor may have priority.

Bathrooms can make or break the general design of the home. It is so important that home sellers and developers focus their design and renovation efforts on the room. An obsolete bathroom can discourage potential buyers or depress its user, while a modern, elegant and stimulating bathroom can excite and excite. The styles and trends in the bathroom are dynamic, it is necessary to update the appearance every few years. The easiest way to remodel your bathroom is to change the tiles. Discover these models and the trends of modern bathroom tiles;

If you want to present a superb freestanding bathtub or draw attention to large windows or the corner of the niche, gray and white will allow you to do so. White keeps the space light enough, while gray adds movement.

You can also play with the textures with this scheme: think of gravel walls, natural stone and interesting weave patterns.