The first design element that comes to mind immediately when we say modern kitchen is of course the kitchen islands. Kitchen islands, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, create an aesthetically fascinating appearance and push the limits of functionality with its structure that extends the kitchen counter and cooking area.

As we said, kitchens are no longer just places to eat and have become much more social spaces. With the decrease in the number of rooms in the apartments in the city centers, the dining areas are carried to the kitchen. Comfortable and stylish dining tables and seating groups that are in harmony with the general atmosphere of the kitchen are one of the common features of the new generation kitchens.

In the past, the same neutral colors were used in kitchen designs, and today the situation is very different. In modern kitchens, we can see a rich range of colors. Blending different vivid tones emit eye-catching kitchens, just like in this example.