As in every room of the house, a separate decoration style prevails in the bathroom. You can change or enrich this decor style yourself. If you want to renovate your old bathrooms but spend minimum money while renovating, you can prepare both economical and very useful accessories with DIY projects. Do-it-yourself ideas for bathroom decoration have more alternatives than other parts of the house. You can prepare these fun and economical accessories with your children at home.

Spa-like bathrooms with candle decoration

Flowers and candles in bathroom decoration are the most important details in terms of changing the air of the area. Also, when the candle burns, it smells bad and makes it a very useful accessory for the bathroom. So how can you use these candles in the bathroom? You can turn your old jars, fish lanterns or old glasses into very elegant candle holders. Place small colored stones in these materials. Put some water on it. Then place it on the top of the tiny water-floating candles. As it is in the water, there is no possibility of starting a fire and there is a stylish detail that makes your bathroom beautifull. You can make this accessory by using the old jars and glass materials in the house with only stones without water.