Beautiful Paver Patio Ideas for Your Home and Backyard

Whether you are designing the perfect patio for parties, a relaxing retreat or a busy family place, there are countless materials, design techniques and aesthetics at your disposal. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and must be treated with the same respect, fully customized to meet your specific needs. Therefore, it is obvious that careful thinking, a competent professional entrepreneur and a lot of inspiration are essential ingredients in the design of your outdoor oasis. Here are five ideas for patio design, which incorporate the beauty and versatility of concrete flooring, to help you simplify your sketches.

The low circular walls and the majestic fireplace identify the seating area as the focal point of this entertainment area in the courtyard. The organic shape in which it was designed accompanies the soft and natural tone of the surrounding flora. This place is separated from the dining room by a low retaining wall and a strip of green space where small plants thrive. The foyer is made of wall stone which completes the flooring of the patio, creating a sense of completeness in the intimate collection space. The dining room has a polished granite top and is dotted with captivating ferns in minimalist iron planters. This patio is anchored by Brussels Block pavers with an aged finish and a rough texture. The uneven edges of the paver complete the worn image of the patio. The sprawling lawn that accompanies this patio makes it an ideal place to relax for the whole family.

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