Corner Kitchen Cabinets Ideas That Optimize Your Kitchen Space

Corners are problematic, especially in kitchens where functionality and space efficiency are crucial. We identified this problem a long time ago, so we found great ways to solve it, many of which relate to corner kitchen cabinets. Are you curious to find out how you too can optimize the design of your kitchen? Check out our top ten kitchen furniture ideas to find out more about each type.

Pull from left or right … in this case it doesn’t matter. Each of these corner drawers has two handles, a choice that is partly aesthetic and partly practical. The drawers have 90 degree angles which allow them to shape themselves perfectly around the corner. Sure, they seem fun and unusual and not very spacious, but in reality they allow you to use every space under the kitchen counter.

If you don’t like the pointed shape of the blind angle slides we just showed you, there are alternatives and many of them avoid these 90 degree angles in favor of a more coherent and fluid design. This eclectic kitchen shows how practical this design direction can be. This diagonal wardrobe includes drawers at the bottom, space for the microwave oven, other small appliances above the counter and open space at the top. There is also a counter space left.

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