The indispensable part of our houses, kitchens, is undoubtedly one of the places where functionality criteria should be considered. While some users construct a living space intertwined with the kitchen, others prefer to complete the kitchen works quickly and be in other living areas of the house. What is indispensable for both types of users is the presence of an order to facilitate kitchen work. These elements are largely shaped by the ideal kitchen layout, lighting-lighting product selection and color preference.

It is possible to functionalize the kitchens that have become the focus of socialization at home without compromising aesthetic concerns. In the kitchens designed with the aim of optimum use of time, space and energy, it is very easy for the user to handle design fiction with the ‘‘ working triangle ’principle.

For more work to be completed in less time, it is important to construct the most appropriate relationship between people, tools and materials, and therefore to plan the three basic parts of the kitchen in harmony with each other for a more useful and comfortable kitchen design. These three parts consist of a cooker in the cooking-service areas, a refrigerator in the preparation area and a sink and a dishwasher in the washing area. The design, which combines these three areas with the aim of saving time and practicality, comes into being as a triangle. Kitchens designed under this rule are L and U type.